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The Waters: Memory Care

It’s hard when you realize that your loved one is no longer able to safely care for themselves in their own home.  Their memory fades and they become more withdrawn. You worry what may happen when you’re not there.  Dementia and Alzheimer’s requires specialized care.  Grand Village offers two distinct programs to help put your mind at ease knowing that your loved one’s needs are met in a safe and nurturing environment.

The Lakes community of Grand Village offer skilled nursing in both traditional and secure settings.  Special activities engage individual’s to move their bodies and work their minds in a manner that brings them comfort.  Meals are prepared and served in each community with delicious aromas enticing all to nourish their body and spirit in the dining area.

A private family room makes your visit with your loved one feel like it is taking place in a living room. Serenity Island, a multi-sensory room, has soothing music, soft lights, relaxing colors and a variety of textured activities offering an oasis for individuals during difficult moments that may arise due to the various stages of Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Family is one of life’s greatest gifts.  Knowing your loved one is cared for gives you the peace of mind to step back into your role as family.

Our staff is trained and educated on working with elders with dementia. We provide annual dementia care training to direct care staff that explains Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders, assisting with activities of daily living, problem solving with challenging behaviors and communication skills.

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