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“She is not only the love of my life, but she is my best friend.  I know I’m not able to care for her.  Here, I know she has what she needs and the girls are great about helping.  When I leave, I don’t worry.  This is her home.”

~words of a husband, whose wife is in the Woods Community



“This was the last thing that we expected.  I called my grandma one day and, when she answered the phone, I immediately knew something was wrong.  Rushing to her house, we discovered that she had had a stroke.  When she was discharged from the hospital, we knew she could not return to her assisted living without having additional rehab care.  She was very weak and the stroke left her with some speech and mobility deficits.  We are thankful for the nursing and rehab care that she received while at The Lodge.  They (staff) were kind not only to my grandma, but to our whole family.  They helped all of make the best out of a difficult situation.”

~words of the granddaughter of a Lodge resident



“To say it was a difficult decision is an understatement.  My dad suffered a fall down the stairs in his home and had his knee replaced – at the age of 90.  His memory and sight were failing.  My mom couldn’t care for him and we lived 40 minutes away.  It was a fluke that we ended up at Grand Village which is only 10 miles away from us.  The social worker at the hospital helped us with the admission process.  We knew we needed specialty care.  What my dad received was extraordinary care.

“Even though he had good days and bad days, the whole family was able to visit.  We even prepared fried fish and venison stew meals in the resident dining room for all to enjoy.  The staff loved that we were willing to share some of our home life with the other residents too.

“I know we’ve told them (the staff) how much they were appreciated.  They treated my dad like he was family – with love and dignity right until the end.”

~words of a son whose father was a resident in The Waters

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